Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Video Traffic X Review & Bonus from Semantic Mastery from Bradley Benner on Vimeo. Get the full details regarding the Video Traffic X review and bonus bundle from Semantic Mastery here - videotrafficxbonus.net Join our live webinar launch event here: plus.google.com/events/c4h30tj1a5epaqe4cdttd4k9beg Video Traffic X is a plugin being released on October 20, 2015 at 11 AM Eastern by Andy Fletcher and Walt Bayliss that turns ordinary blog posts into YouTube videos and auto-uploads them to a connected YouTube channel. This new application will help increase the reach of SEOs, video and content marketers, and bloggers by creating additional traffic sources with little additional work. During the first two hours of the launch, you can get a 200% increase in Video Traffic X bonus credits as well as the lowest prices discount available. Stay tuned here to see the full Video Traffic X review and bonus bundle from Semantic Mastery. A perfect compliment to the software that will help you to succeed. Like our page on Facebook here: facebook.com/videotrafficxbonus Join our Google Plus Community here: plus.google.com/communities/104400291909739619734 Follow our Google Plus Page here: plus.google.com/104591742730967326161/about We also have a Google Site with even more information about Video Traffic X: sites.google.com/site/videotrafficxx/ And for various resources, check out this Drive folder: goo.gl/qf3hT3

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